AGCC COVID-19 Plan, Policies and Procedures


1. Cleaning and disinfecting

a. Cleaning/Disinfecting products – We use the following products to clean our facilities: Triple Disinfectant Cleaner, Clorox Bleach and Lysol. These products are used to clean our carpets, walls, floors and all surfaces. We continue to look for more effective methods and products to use for sanitization.

b. Cleaning procedures currently in place – Our facility is cleaned and sanitized weekly. This includes the Sanctuary, Nursery, Café, Foyer, Kitchen, Youth Room and Restrooms. Other parts of the facility are cleaned as needed. Offices are cleaned by the occupants. Some of the heavy traffic areas are sanitized multiple times each week.

c. All the rooms needed for Sunday services are cleaned and sanitized weekly. We are making every effort to make sure our facility is always reasonably sanitized.  While we are doing our best to remain diligent concerning our sanitizing efforts, we ask everyone who comes into our facility to help us keep risk low. Please do not enter our facility if you are symptomatic or generally are in poor health. There is no way to guarantee that we can eliminate the risk of COVID in our facility, however, we are confident that we are doing everything reasonable possible to keep our facility properly sanitized.

2. Social distancing

While attending AGCC church services and functions, we encourage the wearing of masks and maintaining a 6’ distance in accordance with State guidelines. While many have made the personal choice to not strictly adhere to these guidelines, we fully respect those who want to practice some or all suggested social distancing procedures. Everyone is welcome and should feel free to come and go as they feel comfortable. The one who wears a mask and the one who does not, the one who shakes hands and the one who does not, the one who practices social distancing and the one who does not, is welcome and respected in our facility. Within the family of God, everyone should be treated with respect as we put each other’s interests ahead of our own.

3. Resumption of Ministries that use our facilities

We want our church family and our community to know that we take this pandemic seriously and that we are doing everything within our power to keep our facility reasonably clean and disinfected.


People who participate in activities in our facility during the week will be required to sanitize the area that they use. It is the responsibility of the leader/point person of each activity to make sure their area is properly sanitized before they leave the facility. 


4. Live Streaming and use of on-line meetings

COVID-19 has changed many things about the church culture in America. One positive side effect is that churches are now forced to have some sort of online presence. Many churches have made the necessary investment into technology to assure a quality online presence. AGCC will be no different. We are committed to supply live streaming for our Sunday services and to use online platforms (Zoom, etc.) to accomplish some things that used to be done in-person.


We are going to upgrade our technology in order to provide a Facebook Live option (short-term) and then further upgrades in order to provide live streaming on several platforms (long-term). Also, we will provide online options through Zoom for things like Bible Study, prayer meetings and other events.



We thank you for your patience with us as we adapt to the challenges that COVID-19 presents to church life. We strive to balance the need for safety with the need for fellowship within our church body. During this pandemic, which is not going away any time soon, we are committed to keep doing the things that we need to do in order to be a healthy, vibrant, growing church body. We are not “putting church on pause” during this time. We are not going to run away from the challenges. We trust the creative, empowering, and unifying Spirit of God to lead us through this pandemic in such a way that we will see His blessing and favor upon us as we continue to proclaim that Jesus is Lord.



This can be a discouraging time, we hope you can watch us online or join us for a Sunday Service so you can be encouraged. We look forward to seeing you soon!